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Christine Galin

         I have been photographing for twenty years; during that time I photographed nature and lighthouses. I spent one year photographing the lighthouses along the Seaway Trail in New York and Pennsylvania. However, these images did not fulfill my creative spirit. I began my education at SUNY Oswego and completed my BA in Fine Art Photography at Empire State College. That is when I started experimenting with glass objects and colored bottles

I photograph colored glass pieces using natural light to illuminate the vivid colors, unique shapes and reflections of the glass. I select glass pieces and photograph the images created by the curves and lines of the glass to capture the abstract beauty of the colors, unique forms and variations. I also incorporate organic objects such as flowers and feathers into some of my photographs. I enjoy creating a photograph that is an abstraction of the original.  There have not been any computer enhancements to these images.

After attending a week long workshop with photographers Andre Gallant and Freeman Patterson on Photography and Visual Design I started creating slide montages. This process involves layering two pieces of slide film together to create a totally different image. These images bring me great joy as I experiment on my light table to create a totally new perspective.  I specialize in fine art images that are created through film and digital methods.

Arnold Galin


                I have a Masters degree in Media and thirty years experience as a wedding photographer. Upon retiring I wanted to take my photography in a different direction.      After attending a photography workshop with Andre Gallant and Freeman Patterson as my instructors, I began to explore new ways of looking at the world around us.

                 I have expanded my awareness of the environment around me and also discovered new camera techniques to express my new found feelings about nature and the world around us. In what I call “Nature in Motion”, through the use of panning, zooming, tilting and other camera techniques I now can really “see” through the eyes of the camera. I have also learned that there is no such thing as a bad photograph. If it is over or under exposed or even out of focus, you could possibly use it as an additional layer with a “normal” picture.

                 Through the technique of montage, anything is possible. For me, it has opened up a new world that I have been overlooking all my life. It has become more than just seeing a tree in the forest, it has become looking for the bark on the tree, or the roots of the tree or even the blades of grass at the tree’s base. As Ernst Hass once said, “The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE .



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